Tuesday, January 22, 2013



If I have to see or hear one more thing about how many followers people have or have not on Twitter I am going to explode.

It is great to have people that admire you. You don’t have to be BeyoncĂ© to be admired. I admire the little girl that lives next door to me. She is smart, sweet and very creative. In my opinion if getting followers on twitter is based on that she should have millions.

I love Twitter and Facebook I get to talk to fans and friends. We all get to express ourselves without judgment. At least I try to have it like that on my accounts. I enjoy the interaction with the followers more than the numbers. Quality not quantity. 

A few months back I got over 100k followers in a matter of weeks. I have no idea why. I did not buy them. If I am going to spend my money it’s going to be on a pedicure or buying a Slurpee for the little girl next door.

Now I notice my followers are dropping down? I don’t get all this computer hacking or whatever it is, or isn't  I don’t care. When you are in your darkest hour, famous or not, who is there for you? If you have a million followers on Twitter and you are alone you got nothing. If you have no followers on twitter and you have a loving, caring person to hold, you got everything. 

I have been in my darkest hour and I was alone. I changed my life and now I know I will always have someone if I ever have a dark hour again. You want to see what’s important in life? Hit bottom and then rise back up to the top. The only thing I lost was my ego. I found out I never needed that to begin with.

If you’re in need of a huge amount of followers to validate you. When it happens, I hope you make it through your darkest hour.