Sunday, August 14, 2016


Back in May my car was stolen. I didn't want to share this information with too many people. I have no idea why. I held it in and felt like a prisoner in my own body. So, today I just wanted it out.
I don't have a top of the line car. Just an older Honda that is in great shape and very reliable. 
I got my car back a week later without a scratch on it. They took silly stuff like my yoga mat and Kleenex holder. I swear they put new speakers in it. Because I have a great stereo, which they didn't take and it sounds much better.

They left their cell phone in the car. On the phone were pictures of me. Not pictures you can just grab off the Internet, but rare pictures. I have no idea where they got them. I turned the phone over to the police. 
The sad part was I had my keys and gate access code to my storage unit in the car. I live in a small guest house and the storage unit was like my second closet. I don't like a lot of clutter so this worked out great for me. If I needed a special outfit for an event I would just go to my storage and get it.

The thief went to the storage unit, even through there were security camera all over the property. The things they took were strange. Leaving a $200 coat behind but ripping through every box to find my XRCO HOF Award, along with my other HOF award. All my personal family photos, and my personalize jewel box filled with jewelry.

All material things that in reality meant little to me. Sure, I would like the photos of my deceased parents. It was truly stuff that wasn't needed. Plus, I had insurance on the unit.

I don't get why someone needs all my personal papers yet leaves an expensive piece of art behind.

It took me a week to go to the unit and open the door to see what they took. I just didn't want to deal with it.

I know this has happen to many other people. It was the first time anything like this had ever happen to me.

So now I have very few things left in my life. Which is fine because I'm not a hoarder and it's saving me money not having to pay the rent of the unit. They kind of did me a favor. They can take everything but I'll always have the memories and photos. Stealing my HOF doesn't mean I didn't win it. Who would even want it?

People can take everything from you but they will never take away memories and the experiences. We all know what we as individuals have accomplished. Of the few things that were left, I donated them to Goodwill.

I'll tell you that whole experience changed me and for the better. It made me a little harder, which I needed. It also showed me what's important in life.

Sure, I could go on the thief's FB account and harass him, (since it was on his phone). From the looks of the text messages he already has enough of his own pain dealing with drugs.

So, I'm good, much better then the thief is. I got good people around me that helped me get thought it. Then there was of course the lesson I learned about the people in my life that are fake and I got rid of them real fast.

It's not so much the material things I lost, but the lessons I learned. And those are priceless.