Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 I can’t say it’s an anniversary that makes me real all fuzzy inside. It was a dark day, it was a do or die day. Without getting into the details, it is something I will always remember.

What sparks in your mind and your body that knows the day is coming?  All the memories come back. Hell they drag you back! I am also riding high on hormone changes. The big one! For a first anniversary, on a day that changed me, it’s a great combo.  Change is putting it lightly. 

I will never wish it didn't happen. In a strange way what came into my life was a blessing. I got my final examine on a life’s lesson and I passed! Life has been sweet since then. Looking back on a year ago, that was a motherfucking journey.

Now, I stand up for myself in a strong responsible way. (I am not perfect) I am confident and I know what I can and can’t do. I know when I am right and I know when I am wrong. I will admit it. I know how to communicate in a calm considerate way. I’m a kind person and respectful to other. I know who I am. The glitter is just glitter! It gets swept  away!

Last year. Not so much. Well, I may have looked that way, but I was just going through motions. I was needy, and sad for no reason. I was feeling empty. Well, you will be happy to know the space is full. I filled it with me. So, all is cooler than ever.    

I’m not really into disliking people. It’s easier for us all to coexist and have boundaries with others and respect them.  Yes, of course that doesn't always happen, but it’s a great foundation to work from. So, I guess that is my anniversary wish. That  we coexist.
 Happy Anniversary 3/20/13