Saturday, April 27, 2013


I was always under the impression that when a press release or news piece gets submitted, the facts are checked before anyone prints it.

Well, I guess that is not the case, at least in the adult industry. I was talking to a social media representative; he told me they don’t check facts. So, basically I could write a press release that I was marrying the Prince of Dubai and it would get printed, without checking anything.

First off, why would someone write a press release or news piece full of lies? I mean sooner or later people are going to get that its bullshit? Like my press release about marrying the Prince. If I never got married, I would look like a liar and a publicity whore. When I say something I do it. I guess there will always be people out there that will say anything to get attention. They jerk off seeing their name and face in print.

Is it irresponsible of the media outlets to not fact check? Was there ever fact checking in the adult industry? I wonder if TMZ fact checks, or follows up on any stories. Does the mainstream media fact check before they release a press release? 

With the age of social media, there is just so much stuff coming in to them. Do they need content more then they need integrity? With all the internet news sites, it must be about content.

It is so easy these days to create a fake life. Twitter and Facebook are great outlets for that. Why does someone need or want to create a fake life? I don’t understand it! Well, I do understand it, but I just can’t wrap my mind around it. If I wasn't a public figure (for lack of a better word), I wouldn't even have a Twitter or Facebook account.

Social media is a great way to promote projects, besides its internet fan mail. Does anyone write letters anymore?  It’s all about instant gratification these days, and snail mail is not instant. Way to slow to get the fix that is needed NOW.  I guess it could be like an addiction, especially if you are unhappy with your life, and want to be someone else.

Sure, when I was young and just starting my career in adult, I loved seeing myself in magazines (remember those). It was a thrill for a young shy girl from PA to see herself in print. These days the less I see myself in print the better. The next time I want to see myself in print is on the cover of my Comedy Central Show DVD.

                                                                                                                                        JUST THE FACTS 4/27/2013                        

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A few things on my mind.

Freedom of speech! Well maybe before Twitter or Facebook started. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No one should be told their opinion is wrong. In fact, a few times the opinion that someone presented changed my opinion.

Why is it becoming so hard to voice your opinion without judgment?  I love a good debate or discussion on an adult level. I learn so much more about the subject, no matter what my opinion is. In case I’m fueled with the wrong information, I listen to the other person and respond in a calm respectful manner.  If I am wrong I admit it.

I believe with clear, honest communication, just about anything can get resolved. It’s all about being clear, calm and above all honest.  It’s frustrating when those key factors of a discussion or debate are not in place, at least for me.  

HONESTY is the most important factor for me! Nothing can be resolved without honesty. Really, you’re going to lie to me. I have been fucked every which way for your viewing pleasure. You jerked off to me many times. Now you’re going to fucking lie to me. Who the fuck lies to their fantasy. That’s the way I look at it, right or wrong.  Your situation may be different, but it all comes down to being honest. 

I have been around enough to know when someone is lying to me. However, in weak moments I have forced myself to believe it’s true. Haven’t we all done that at some point in our lives? You want to believe your teenager was not drinking and driving. So, you ignore the 12 empty beers cans in the backseat. Not a good choice for you or the safety of your teenager.

Getting off the subject a little,or maybe a lot. I hope you understand what I mean. Don’t attack or be defensive when you have a discussion.  They say there is an art to negotiation, but maybe it’s a lost art.